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Elf Antics Planner - 2017

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2017-09-01
christmas_elf_antics_plannerPerfect for organising what your Elf is going to get up to while they stay with you - download our free A4 full-colour Elf Antics Planner. You're welcome!

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Keep your Elves busy with our free Christmas colouring pages

Written by Beverley Walton | 2016-10-02

Elf_For_Christmas_colouring_sheetsOur free Christmas colouring pages are the perfect Christmas crafts to keep your little elves out of mischief! Download your free printables at Elf For Christmas Australia.

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Christmas Elf Antics Planner!

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2016-09-23

G'day there Elf lovers - are you all set with your cheeky little Elf toy & ready to start planning your fun, kind & mischievous antics for the Christmas period?

To try & make the job easier to manage, the good people at 'Elf for Christmas' have designed a free printable Elf Antics Planner.

Download yours here.

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Christmas Cookies

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2016-09-06
These banana oat Christmas cookies are a tasty treat that kids will love making and the whole family will enjoy eating. Maybe you could even leave one out for Santa to munch on Christmas Eve... if there's any left that is!

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5 ways to introduce your Christmas Elf toy on 1st December

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2016-09-06

Looking for ideas for how to introduce your little elf visitor to the family? Here are our favourite ways for little people to meet their new elf buddy on December 1.

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